Border Cafe - Cafe Transit - کافه ترانزیت


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Border Cafe - Cafe Transit - کافه ترانزیت

Border Cafe - Cafe Transit - کافه ترانزیت

In the wake of her husband's death, headstrong widow Reyhan (Fereshtei Sadre Orafaei) longs to re-open his successful border cafe, despite rigid social standards that explicitly discourage her from doing so. Isolated from her friends and neighbours for her fervent efforts to resurrect the business, Reyhan also faces pressure from her conservative brother-in-law Nasser (Parviz Parastoei) who longs to take Reyhan as his second wife. Despite Nasser's vengeful efforts to break Reyhan’s spirits and put her out of business, Reyhan’s culinary skills soon begin drawing in a healthy clientele that includes kindly Greek trucker Zakariyo (Nikolas Padapopoulis), whose relationship with the determined restauranteur may provide an exit from her current crisis...

After her husband’s death, Reyhan is entangled by an emotional and mental challenge. The decision that she is supposed to make for her future will impact her own life and that of her children as well. So she must think logically and pragmatically. Her late husband’s brother, in spite of having a wife and children, proposes Reyhan in order to act according to the family’s customs. But, Reyhan rejects him. To gain more independence, she reopens her husband’s roadside café, where the truck drivers stop by. Soon, her café thrives. Naser, her brother-in-law, even after several visits cannot convince her to marry him. Thereafter, Naser starts hindering her business. As the relationship between Reyhan and a Greek man, named Zakario, becomes deeper, the tensions in her late husband’s family increase. Despite all these, in order to keep her independent life, Reyhan overlooks her love as well.

ریحان پس از مرگ همسرش، در یکی آشفتگی عاطفی و روانی گرفتار آمده است، طریق ادامه ی زندگی او و فرزندانش منوط به تصمیمی است که برای آینده اش خواهد گرفت. او باید منطقی و عملی فکر کند.
وقتی برادر همسر متوفی اش ،ناصرکه دارای همسر و فرزند است، مطابق سنت های خانوادگی از او خواستگاری میکند، آن را نپذیرفته و برای این که مستقل باشد، قهوه خانه شوهرش را در نزدیکی مرز، که محل تردد و توقف رانندگان کامیونهاست، راه اندازی می کند.به زودی کافه، رونق میگیرد، ناصر که نمی تواند پس از مراجعه های بسیار، او را قانع کند. پس کارشکنی و موانعی را در روند کسب او به وجود می آورد، بخصوص وقتی آشنایی ریحان، با مرد یونانی زاخاریو، به عشق می رسد، تنش های خانواده شوهر متوفی اش بیشتر میشود. معهذا ریحان برای این که بتواند مستقل زندگی کند حتی از عشق خود نیز میگذرد.