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Bridge Of Sleep - Pole Khab - پل خواب

Bridge Of Sleep - Pole Khab - پل خواب

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Bridge Of Sleep - Pole Khab - پل خواب

Like most of youth in civil society, Shahab also tries to form his future. On the threshold of marriage, his life faces an accident and it eventually leads to a huge change.

شهاب در آستانه ازدواج با نامزدش است. شرایط اقتصادی و مالی او باعث می‌شود به اتفاق دوستش وارد یک معامله تجاری شود اما در کمال ناباوری پول‌های او را بالا می‌کشند. شرایط سختی بر زندگی او حاکم می‌شود. پول بهره ای می‌گیرد و از پرداخت اقساط آن هم عاجز می‌شود. طلبکاران او را راحت نمی‌گذارند. پدرش که دبیر مدرسه است وارد ماجرای او می‌شود. نامزدش نیز او را تحت فشار قرار می‌دهد. شهاب تحت تأثیر این فشارها دست به کار عجیبی می‌زند…

Shahab is about to marry his fiancée. His financial situation leads him to invest in a commercial deal with his friend but unbelievably he is conned and loses all his money. His life falls on hard time. He borrows money with interest and has a hard time paying the monthly payment. His creditors will not leave him alone. His father who is a high school teacher comes in. His fiancée also puts pressure on him and all of these lead him to do an odd thing.