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Breathless - Nafasborideh - نفس بریده


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Breathless - Nafasborideh - نفس بریده

Breathless - Nafasborideh - نفس بریده

Nabi is a worker who loses his job because of his epilepsy. He lives with Jalil, a blind musician who plays on the streets.. He accidentally saves the life a rich girl by taking her to the hospital. He then finds out that she was committing suicide and he saved her life and also gets hired by her husband, Khosro, to watch her and protects her from hurting herself. she commits suicide again and this time Nabi can't do anything about it because of his epilepsy attack .After her death,Nabi being known as the suspect, he gets released. He decides to leave the town but before that, he accidentally meets Golrokh. The girl denies her identity , but after being convinced, she explains how she was hired by Khosro to play the role of his wife whom he had murdered , and how she was supposed to commit suicide so he could inherit her wealth. With the help of the girl, Nabi decides to punish Khosro and deliver him to justice...


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