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Bread and Poetry - Naan va Sher - نان و شعر

Bread and Poetry - Naan va Sher - نان و شعر

Bread and Poetry - Naan va Sher - نان و شعر

The somewhat self-centered Majid has one aim in life - to become a poet. When he discovers Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables,' he falls in love. However, his lowly status as a delivery boy means that he cannot afford his own copy of the book, and must go to the library to read it. When this becomes tiresome, Majid makes the decision to switch the library book with a tome belonging to his uncaring brother-in-law. Unfortunately, little does Majid know that the book has a valuable check tucked into it. Now he must track the book down before the check is discovered. Will he succeed, and more importantly, will he ever make it as a poet? A charming tale of a young man struggling to realize his dreams.

« مجید» که در نانوایی کار میکند، شعرش را برای چاپ به یکی از مجلات فرستاده است و در آرزوی مشهور شدن به سر می برد. « مجید» با پیدا کردن صفحات پراکنده ای از کتاب «بینوایان» به خواندن این کتاب علاقه مند میشود، اما امکان دسترسی به آنرا ندارد. «مجید» کتابی به قطع «بینوایان» از کتابخانه شوهر خواهرش برمی دارد تا آن را با کتاب «بینوایان» که در کتابخانه عمومی شهر دیده است، عوض کند. غافل از اینکه چک شوهر خواهرش در میان صفحات آن کتاب قرار دارد و این آغاز ماجراها و گرفتاری های مجید می شود...

Majid who is working in a bakery, sends his poem to be published in a journal. He always dreams of becoming famous. Majid finds some pages of the book "Les Miserables" and becomes interested in reading it, but he has no access to it. He picks a book from the library of his brother-in-law and tries to change it with the book "Les Miserables" in the public library. He is not aware of the cheque of his brother-in-law between some pages of the book. This is a starting point for some other adventures which put Majid into trouble.