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Born Loser - Pakbakhteh - پاکباخته


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Born Loser - Pakbakhteh - پاکباخته

Born Loser - Pakbakhteh - پاکباخته

'Pakbakhteh' is a humorous look into the lives of two very different men who share one striking similarity: they have both been losers since birth. When bumbling policeman Abbas moves his family into a new home, he hopes that it will be a fresh start for him too. Unfortunately, on his first night at work he bumps into a petty criminal in the act of a robbery. Abbas gives chase and a hilarious game of cat-and-mouse ensues between the pair. Will this policeman, devoid of any luck, manage to get his man, or will this wacky criminal finally manage to outrun him?

After transferring to Tehran, one night, colonel Khorasani encounters a thief named Jafar, but he can not arrest him as he escapes. Jafar's brother had met Khorasani's sister. He and his family go to Khorasani's house for further talks. Jafar uses every tricks not to face Khorasani. At the night of the wedding, these two face each other accidentally. Eventually Khorasani succeeds in arresting Jafar. He plays along in order not to ruin the ceremony, until...

«سرکار خراسانی»، پس از انتقال به تهران، در یک شب به دزدی به نام «جعفر» بر می خورد، اما دزد از دستش فرار می کند. خواهر «سرکار خراسانی» با برادر «جعفر» آشنا می شود. خانواده «جعفر» به خواستگاری دختر می روند و «جعفر» حیله هایی به کار می گیرد تا با «سرکار خراسانی» رو در رو نشود. سرانجام در شب عروسی طی اتفاقی آن دو در مقابل هم قرار می گیرند و «سرکار خراسانی» موفق می شود «جعفر» را دستگیر کند اما برای اینکه مراسم عروسی به هم نخورد، به نحوی با هم کنار می آیند تا...