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Blood Orange - Porteghale Khooni - پرتقال خونی

Blood Orange - Porteghale Khooni - پرتقال خونی

Subtitles: English and +20 more languages

Blood Orange - Porteghale Khooni - پرتقال خونی

Vala is on the verge of separating from his wife when he meets Termeh, a young girl who comes to redesign his office. Against his better judgement, he starts developing feelings for her. As he has endured difficult relationships in the past, Vala is very cautious about moving forward his affair with Termeh. But then photographer Siavash arrives on the scene and Vala realises the time has come: he must choose a future for himself and Termeh or run the risk of losing her forever.

پرتقال خونی روایت داستان مهندس میانسالی به نام والا (فریبرز عرب‌نیا) است که در آستانه جدایی از همسرش است. در این بین دختر جوانی به نام ترمه (نیوشا ضیغمی) برای طراحی دکور دفتر کارش می‌آید و رفته رفته این آشنایی به شکل‌گیری رابطه‌ای عاطفی می‌انجامد تا اینکه عکاس جوانی به نام سیاوش (حامد بهداد) وارد زندگی ترمه می‌شود و...

Vala Radmanesh is divorcing his wife; meanwhile, a young woman named Termeh has come to design the interior of his office, and little by little, their acquaintanceship turns into a romantic relationship. Vala who has been hurt by marriage before is very cautious and jaded about this relationship, till a man named Siyavash enters Termeh’s life and…