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Blockage - Sade Mabar - سد معبر

Blockage - Sade Mabar - سد معبر

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and +20 more languages

Blockage - Sade Mabar - سد معبر

Ghasem works at Tehran Municipality and his job is to prevent vendors from selling their products at the sidewalks. He’s to be fired because of his secret
deals with some of the vendors. He is looking for another job as a truck driver and is counting on his wife’s patrimony to buy the truck. However, Akram believes that they should buy a small house and leave her in-laws home. Nevertheless, Ghasem’s fighting with a vendor creates an opportunity to overcome these problems!

داستان قاسم کارمند اداره سد معبر شهرداری را روایت می کند که در تلاش است وضعیت زندگی خود را بهبود ببخشد، اما در این راه با نرگس همسرش اختلاف نظر دارد.