Black Horse Memories - Khaterate Asbe Siyah - خاطرات اسب سیاه


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Black Horse Memories - Khaterate Asbe Siyah - خاطرات اسب سیاه

Black Horse Memories - Khaterate Asbe Siyah - خاطرات اسب سیاه

A black horse plunges to her memories with Aaseke. They have been close friends since their childhood. Now, Aaseke is martyred during her mission with her friends. These young boy-and-girl fighters endeavor to teach Kurdish language in Kurdistan villages in confrontation with central government. Teaching and even talking Kurdish have been banned in Turkey for many years. Her comrades are trying to reveal the place of her corpse was hidden, and then they are carrying out her will before burial ceremony. She has some points in her will list. The important one is meeting again her black horse. They start seeking to find the black horse.

گروهی از جوانان می‌کوشند زبان کُردی را در کردستان ترکیه آموزش دهند. بخشی از کار این گروه چاپ و توزیع مخفیانه کتاب‌های آموزش زبان کردی برای مدارس زیرزمینی است. آسکه یکی از دختران گروه در حین مأموریت کشته می‌شود. دوستان او تصمیم می‌گیرند وصیت‌های او را به جا بیاورند. آسکه که با یک اسب سیاه بزرگ شده و دلبستگی زیادی به او داشته‌است حالا در جایی دورافتاده، میان کوه‌های آناتولی برای همیشه خوابیده است. دوستان آسکه در تلاش هستند تا محل دفن او را مخفی نگه دارند اما ورود اسب، به حوادث دور از انتظاری می‌انجامد.

A group of youngsters try to teach the Kurdish language in Turkey's Kurdistan. Part of this work is printing and distribution of books that teach Kurdish in secret to underground schools. Askeh, one of the girls in the group is killed during a mission. Her friends decide to do as her will says. Askeh who had a big black horse and loved him very much is now in eternal sleep at a remote place in Anatolia. Her friends try to keep the location of her grave a secret but the arrival of the horse has unexpected consequences.


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