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Bitter Sugar - Ghande Talkh - قند تلخ

Bitter Sugar - Ghande Talkh - قند تلخ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Bitter Sugar - Ghande Talkh - قند تلخ

Ambitious teen Parsa wants nothing more than to prove his skills at a karate training camp with his team. However, a severe diabetes diagnosis makes this far from straightforward. As Parsa comes to terms with his condition and daily insulin injections become routine, he realizes his dream may not become a reality. Parsa’s worrying father disapproves of his determination to go to camp, but Parsa’s mother understands how important his goal is to him. She is determined to help him, no matter what risks are involved. A story of a mother’s sacrifice, 'Bitter Sugar' is a moving drama about how far parents will go to ensure their children’s happiness.

این فیلم که موضوعی اجتماعی، ورزشی و بهداشتی دارد، تلاش و فداکاری‌های مادری را برای نجات فرزند ورزشکارش به تصویر می‌کشد.

فیلم قند تلخ ساخته ی محمد عرب در سال 1387 در مورد تلاش و فداکاری های مادری برای نجات فرزند ورزشکارش می باشد...

The film, which has a social, sportive and sanitary theme, portrays a mother's efforts and sacrifices to save her athlete child.

اين فيلم كه موضوعي اجتماعي، ورزشي و بهداشتي دارد، تلاش و فداكاري‌هاي مادري را براي نجات فرزند ورزشكارش به تصوير مي‌كشد.