Bitter Cold - Zamharir - زمهریر


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Bitter Cold - Zamharir - زمهریر

Bitter Cold - Zamharir - زمهریر

During the Iran-Iraq war, Seyed-Ali was the commander of Siamak Farda, an intellectual writer ,who changes his name to Mehdi, and a relationship like Shams and Rumi (two historical legends of Persian literature) has been established between the two. Mehdi has put him in his mind forever in a way that before his death he has told his daughter Atieh (who was 4 years then and now is 24) to refer to him whenever she has any problem. The girl who is a filmmaker believing in reason and wisdom, does not refer to Seyed-Ali. She does not know him, but she underestimates him and believes that her father's belief belongs to twenty years ago and it does not work for today. Her ill mother insists her to go to Seyed-Ali, but she fails to find him. When she cannot find him, she tries harder to investigate, so she seeks for him again and finally manages to find him. When she goes to him, she finds out that he is no way like the one she had in her mind. He is exactly what was twenty years ago for the father but he does not say anything and just listens to her. Atieh wants to know, so Seyed-Ali should tell her. He accepts to tell, but she should be patient and listen to his words with her heart to be cleaned by the power of love - Power of the beginning, a lovely beginning for truth and revelation.

«آسيدعلي» فرمانده بزرگ جنگ كه «سيامك فردا» روشنفكر و نويسنده و محقق را در جنگ راهبري و اميري مي‌كرده است به گونه‌اي كه سيامك «مهدي» شده و ارادتش شمس و مولانايي بوده است و مانده. در بهترين جاي ذهن او نقش داشته است به گونه‌اي كه «سيامك» يا همان «مهدي فردا» پس از شهادت، به تنها دختر چهار ساله‌اش كه «آتيه» نام دارد و اينك 24 ساله است را وصيت كرده كه هر وقت دچار مشكل شد نزد فرمانده‌اش آسيدعلي برود. دختر كه فيلمساز است و اهل خرد و تحليل به وصيت پدرش عمل نمي‌كند. بي‌آنكه آسيدعلي را بشناسد يا بداند نفي‌اش مي‌كند و معتقد است اعتقاد پدرش به بيست سال پيش برمي‌گردد و امروزي نيست. به اصرار مادر دردمندش كه هجر پدر او را شكسته، به سراغ آسيدعلي مي‌رود. اما نمي‌يابدش. نيافتن و نبودن آسيدعلي دختر را بيشتر متمايل به پيگيري مي‌كند و مي‌گردد و مي‌يابد و وقتي مي‌يابد او شبيه هيچ كدام از تصورات دختر نيست و همان تازگي را دارد كه بيست سال پيش براي پدر داشته است. اما لب‌بسته و دل‌خسته فقط مي‌شنود اما نمي‌گويد و آتيه مي‌خواهد بداند پس «آسيدعلي» اينك بايد بگويد نه بشنود. كه به اصرار دختر مي‌گويد. اما گفتنش را تحملي بايد و شنوايي گوش. نه گوش سر كه گوش دل كه گوش جان. و جان جلا مي‌يابد به عشق. به آغاز. آغازي عاشقانه از حقيقت. دريافت. مكاشفه.


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