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Beyond the Fire - Aan Souye Atash - آن‌ سوی آتش

Beyond the Fire - Aan Souye Atash - آن‌ سوی آتش

Beyond the Fire - Aan Souye Atash - آن‌ سوی آتش

Greed and power are the principal themes in Kianus Aayari's tale about two brothers in 1970's Iran. When the National Iranian Oil Company expands its drilling operations in the region, one family finds themselves displaced from their home and cast adrift in the south of the country. The compensation paid by the NIOC sets the brothers against each other, and the ensuing conflict threatens to unravel the unity of the entire family. A brilliant account of familial adversities set against the backdrop of Pahlavi Iran, 'Beyond The Fire' is a stunning example of storytelling within a historical context and an excellent piece of cinema.

Two brothers are arguing over a little amount of money that The National Iranian Oil Company has given them in exchange for their house in village. But a poor milkmaid is a reason for them to reconcile.

دو برادر بر سر تقسیم اندکی پول که شرکت نفت بابت خرید زمین خانه روستایی شان به آنها پرداخته، به جدال می پردازند. وجود یک دختر شیرفروش پابرهنه باعث میشود که اختلاف بین دو برادر از بین رفته و آرامش و تسلیم جای آن را بگیرد.