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Berlin - 7 - برلین منفی هفت

Berlin - 7 - برلین منفی هفت

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Greek, Turkish and +20 more languages

Berlin - 7 - برلین منفی هفت

The war in Iraq had many victims. Many of them refugees. Atef, a quiet English school teacher, has been living in Baghdad for years. But, after the accidental shooting of his wife. Atef takes his daughter and son and escapes the violence that has tormented this once loving family. They escape to Berlin. But their arduous journey has just begun, as Atef learns that being a refugee in a foreign country is not the dream he once thought... And his family is not what he once knew...

The story of some immigrants that the desire to find a place to survive pulls them from the result of the Iraq war. Atef along with his daughter and ill son come to Berlin; a place where there are no threats to their life but they realize that living is not all about surviving.