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Being Born - Be Donya Amadan - به دنیا آمدن

Being Born - Be Donya Amadan - به دنیا آمدن

Being Born - Be Donya Amadan - به دنیا آمدن
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Pari and Farhad are a middle-class couple, who are both involved in theater and cinema. They love each other and are happy. Pari becomes pregnant unintentionally and Farhad insists on abortion. However, Pari believes that abortion is cruel and she cannot accept her husband’s request. A baby, who should bring joy and make their lives happier, causes some serious changes in their relationship.

A husband and wife who are in their early middle ages, face some problems in continuing their life’s path. The woman who is pregnant wants to keep her child, but the man is against this and wants her to have an abortion, because he thinks that adding a child to their problematic life will not allow them to succeed in their jobs. Meanwhile, the woman decides to give birth to the child that, for her, is the best solution.

زن و شوهری در آستانه میان سالگی برای ادامه مسیرِ زندگی شان با یکدیگر دچار مشکل می شوند.


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