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Behrouz Hit Me, Mommy ! - Maman, Behrouz Mano Zad! - مامان، بهروز من‌و زد!

Behrouz Hit Me, Mommy ! - Maman, Behrouz Mano Zad! - مامان، بهروز من‌و زد!

Behrouz wants to join the football team of his school just to make his dreams come true... But there's just one problem: He does not know anything about the game...

بهروز كودكي 11 ساله است كه در كلاس پنجم درس مي خواند و در خانواده اي فقير در همدان زندگي مي كند كه پدرش بناست و مادرش در خانه كار مي كند. بهروز در حسرت داشتن دوچرخه است كه صبح ها زودتر به مدرسه برسد ولي خانواده اش توانايي خريد آن را ندارند. بهروز به قدري شيطنت و مردم آزاري مي كند كه پدرش هميشه از دستش شاكي است و حتي يك بار به خاطر دردسرهايي كه درست مي كند او را در انباري زنداني مي كند ولي رفتار بهروز تغيير نمي كند. ...

Behroz is an eleven year- old kid who is in fifth grade and lives with his poor family in Hamadan. His father is a worker . Behroz wishes he had a bicycle so that he can get to school earlier but his family can’t buy one. Behroz is very mischievous and bothers others. His mischiefs are mostly because of his disorganization and self-esteem issues. Behroz is a good goalkeeper and has given himself the nickname of “Behroz Messi”. He has one best friend named Javad who sometimes gives him a ride to school on his bike even though he really doesn’t like Behroz. There is supposed to be a football competition for grade schoolers, and Javad, trying to get rid of Behroz, tells him the prize is a bicycle! Nima Nekisa , is supposed to come and teaches children football. He place Behrouz three conditions in order to accepting him in the team. He must change his attitude...