Beautiful Tomorrows - Fardahaye Ghashang - فرداهای قشنگ


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Beautiful Tomorrows - Fardahaye Ghashang - فرداهای قشنگ

Beautiful Tomorrows - Fardahaye Ghashang - فرداهای قشنگ

An Iranian filmmaker residing in France comes to Tehran after fifteen years, along with his filmmaking group, to make a documentary about the new situation in Iran. At first, because of the group's presuppositions about the Iranian society, he sees their treatment of some social facts in Iran as a result of their superficial judgements and one-sided views; but after a while, due to their deeper association with the other realities in the Iranian culture and the everyday lives of its people, a deeper affinity is established between the French group and the interests and the behavior of the Iranian people. In the meantime, the relationship between the Iranian director who is also concerned with unrealistic concerns and illusions of another kind about his country, restores the necessary calm and confidence by finding a new vision in his judgments. The end of the film is the beginning of a work with the deeper insight of the director and his French group in Iran, which has created them more beautiful tomorrows in Tehran.

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