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Help me out Buddy - Be Dadam Beres Rafigh - به دادم برس رفیق


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Help me out Buddy - Be Dadam Beres Rafigh - به دادم برس رفیق

Help me out Buddy - Be Dadam Beres Rafigh - به دادم برس رفیق

Amir is a young corrupted guy who with the help of his brother Jasem deceive naive girls. On the other hand Mehdi and Abdollah are friends but in disagree with each other. Finally they manage to unite and put their problems behind and get revenge on Amir and his brother.

Amir is a man of pleasure and only seeks fun in his life. He deceives girls and takes advantage of them. His brother, Jasem, has the same lifestyle as him. Mahdi, whose sister, Shirin, has killed herself because of the shame that had come along after being deceived by Amir and Jasem, starts acting up against Amir and Jasem with the help of Abdollah, a young villager who is looking for his sister named Goli. But Mahdi and Abdollah get in a dispute, so Amir and Jasem start provoking the fight. At the end, Mahdi and Abdollah put their disagreements aside and make Amir and Jasem face the consequences of their actions and they also succeed to save Goli.

"امیر"، جوانی عیاش و فاسد است و حرفه اش فریب دختران و سوق دادن آنها به فحشا با یاری برادرش "جاسم " است, "مهدی " (که خواهرش "شیرین" نتوانسته ننگ رسوایی را تحمل کند و دست به خودکشی زده است) و " عبدالله" (جوانی روستایی که در جستجوی خواهرش "گلی "است) با یکدیگر همراه می شوند در حالیکه به شدت با یکدیگر مخالف هستند.
امیر و جاسم این اختلاف را به نفع خود دامن میزنند. اما سرانجام برای از بین بردن عامل فساد، آن دو با یکدیگر متحد شده، امیر و جاسم را به سزای اعمال پلیدشان رسانیده و گلی را نجات میدهند.


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