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Barcode - Barkod - بارکد

Barcode - Barkod - بارکد

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Turkish and +20 more languages

Barcode - Barkod - بارکد

Hamed decides to impress his potential new boss with the story of his life. A tale begins to unfold starring his boy racer friend, clever girlfriend and a strange, beautiful drug-addict. Hamed is dragged into a world of gangs, drugs and guns in this fast-paced and hilarious tale of revenge.

پسر جوانی برای استخدام به دفتر مدیر عامل یک شرکت میرود و به او می گوید که باید او را استخدام کند برای این کار اتفاقات گذشته که باعث شده او به دفتر مدیر بیاید را شرح میدهد....

It is the story of two friends, Hamed and Milad, who while trying to make money, all they do is full of comic moments. During the story, Hamed retells five or six smaller stories that are told in reverse; that is, the first story is about how Hamed loses Nazi and after that, the story keeps going back and forth until we return to the start of the story and Milad and Hamed meeting after a few years.