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Banichaw - Bani Chaw - بانی‌چاو


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Banichaw - Bani Chaw - بانی‌چاو

Banichaw - Bani Chaw - بانی‌چاو

A medical assistant is spending his final days of work in Hawraman. He plans to build an infirmary with his money when he returns home. However, he finds out about the outbreak of a plague in the area where he is staying and knows that if he takes no action, it will be a negative point for him in his career and he may face problems in building his infirmary. Meanwhile, the place he’s staying in is not safe, but even the bandits are not immune to the plague…

در دهكده ای كردنشین به نام بانی چاو مرض طاعون شیوع پیدا می كند و خان و مأموران ژاندارمری به كمك اهالی روستا نمی روند. تا اینكه آقابك تصمیم می گیرد كه دكتر درمانگاه را برای معالجه ی بیماران روستای خود با ترفندی به آن جا بكشاند كه موفق هم می شود.


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