Bandari - Bandari - بندری


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Bandari - Bandari - بندری

Bandari - Bandari - بندری

Jaseb Bandari after getting released from the prison goes after his friend Soleiman to find a descent job for himself. He becomes a taxi driver but at first day of work meets a poor boy who has a sick mother and needs a delivery. He helps them and by this way meets their daughter Nesaa who dances at a cabaret and falls in love with her and decides to marry her. But the problems begin when the cabaret's owner Zeynal returns from his trip.

A man and a dancer fall in love with each other. The dancer's ex-lover stands between them and makes problems for them. After a series of events, the lover puts the troublemaker in the hands of law, and lives with his wife happily ever after.

مردی عاشق رقاصه ای می شود و رقاصه نیزمتقابلا " شیفته ی مرد جوان است . ولی معشوقه ی سابق رقاصه مزاحم و مانع خوشبختی شان است و دائما" اشکالاتی برایشان به وجود میآورد. مرد با یک سلسله عمليات سرانجام او را به پليس میسپارد و خود به همراه رقاصه زندگی تازهای را آغاز می کند.


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