Bambasi - Bambaasi - بمباسی


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Bambasi - Bambaasi - بمباسی

Bambasi - Bambaasi - بمباسی

Ali, known as Ali Brazilian, has a street restaurant. He leads a number of street children and teenagers in one of the old and poor neighborhoods of Bushehr and has formed a music band called Bambasi. Ali has long promised them to perform in the known forums and venues, but all of them are disappointed with him. Finally, by conducting several concerts in Bushehr, Bambasi is quickly renowned, and they perform at the most important musical shows in major cities. Ali Brazilian’s efforts is changing everybody’s life in Bambasi.

In one of the old and poor neighborhoods of Bushehr, Ali Brazil has a street restaurant.
He brings together a group of street children and a music band
  The activities of these children in the bombasian music band under the supervision of Ali Brazilian change their lives.

دریکی از محله های قدیمی و فقیر نشین بوشهر، علی برزیلی یک رستوران خیابانی دارد.
او گروهی از کودکان بی سرپرست محله را با خود همراه کرده و یک گروه موسیقی تشکیل می دهد
فعالیت این کودکان درگروه موسیقی بمباسی با سرپرستی علی برزیلی زندگی آنان را متحول می کند.


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