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Awakening - Bidari - بیداری

Awakening - Bidari - بیداری

Awakening - Bidari - بیداری

After a car accident Zahra loses her memory. Psychiatrists are desperate about the case while Zahra is in search for her lost daughter. After 24 years she is awake once again and begin to search for her then 6 years old girl but everything is different now.

The story of a woman named Zahra who cannot remember anything since the last time she saw her 6-year-old daughter. Now after 24 years, she has regained her memory and is trying to find her daughter, but all the latter's signs have changed drastically...

داستان زني به نام زهرا است كه حافظه اش از زماني كه براي آخرين بار دختر 6 ساله اش ياسمن را ديده، متوقف شده است. اكنون پس از گذشت 24 سال از آن اتفاق، حافظه زهرا بازگشته و او قصد دارد دختر گمشده‌اش را بيابد اما همه نشاني‌هايي كه به ياد دارد به كلي تغيير كرده است...