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End of 8th Street - Entehaye Khiyabane Hashtom - انتهای خیابان هشتم

End of 8th Street - Entehaye Khiyabane Hashtom - انتهای خیابان هشتم

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

End of 8th Street - Entehaye Khiyabane Hashtom - انتهای خیابان هشتم

Gripping race-against-time drama which pulsates with tension from start to finish. Desperate to save the life of her brother Saeed, Niloofar must pay 100 million Tomans in three days. So with the help of her husband Bahram and friend Mousa, she struggles frantically against the odds to raise the money. But with time running out, and prepared to do anything to keep Saeed alive, the lives of Niloofar, Bahram and Mousa may be torn apart by their own actions before they’re finished.

نیلوفر به کمک خانواده اش باید ظرف 3 روز مبلغ سنگینی را جور كند تا تنها برادرش سعید را از اعدام نجات دهد، اما هر چه زمان می گذرد نیلوفر متوجه می شود كه سرنوشت دیگری پیش روی اوست و ...

Saeed is going to be executed in two or three days because of first-degree murder. His relatives are trying to gather one hundred million Tomans in order to gain the victim’s family’s consent and stop the execution. Nilofar, Saeed’s sister, her fiancé Bahram and Moses, Saeed’s friend, are trying to gain this money. Nilofar and Bahram have gone to the victim’s family’s house but nobody's there or they are not answering. They try different methods to get the money. Nilofar and her friend Parisa try to sell her kidney but she can’t do this without her parents’ consent. Her mother died years ago, and her father who used to be politically active is under observation because of his physical and emotional state. They are able to gather 35 million Tomans by selling Bahram’s car and help from Moses and Parisa. Bahram is informed that a company is run by a guy called Keshmiri that does humanitarian work might be able to help them. Keshmiri says he will be able to give them fifty million Tomans but when the time comes, one of the company’s workers tell them that because of Saeed’s father’s past they are unable to help them. Nilofar is informed that Bahram’s friend Amir is willing to pay all the money but has to meet her before he gives them the money. She gets so angry at the man's suggestion that she leaves immediately. Moses keeps his daughter away from her mother for reasons that we do not know and befriends another woman who is interested in raising the child. He participates in illegal fighting tournaments and…