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Assassination - Terror - ترور


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Assassination - Terror - ترور

Assassination - Terror - ترور

Sareh, a Lebanese fightin woman, is an annalist of an English magazine. She is expelled from work for writing some articles against Israel about Cana. A while later, her fiancé, Ahmad, and she are abducted by Israeli people. Soon, Ahmad is free but there's a term for Sarah's freedom which is to cooperate in recognizing a member of the resistant force named Tony. On the other hand, the mafia is also trying to capture Tony. A fight breaks out between the resistant force and the mafia, and eventually the decision is to exchange Tony with Sareh, but it's not the end of the dispute.

ساره، زن لبنانی مسلمان و مبارز و خبرنگار مجله انگلیسی است که به جهت نوشتن مقالاتی برعلیه اسراییل، از کار برکنار می شود و کمی بعد به اتفاق نامزدش احمد ، در جریان یک گفتگوی جمعی توسط اسراییلی ها ربوده می شود و...


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