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Romantic - Asheghaneh - عاشقانه

Romantic - Asheghaneh - عاشقانه

Subtitles: English, German and +20 more languages

Romantic - Asheghaneh - عاشقانه
User Rating

'Romantic' opens with a joyous and spectacular wedding - themes of romance immediately taking their place as the foundation for the narrative. However, romance is only the starting point. The film later matures and evolves to explore the heartache at the centre of troubled marriages. A fascinating insight into the emotional chemistry that constructs married life in Iran.

The life of a taxi driver named Ahad depends on a wealthy man's decision named Nader, Therefore the marriage of his daughter, Ghazal, with Arash is at stake. Nader is trying to compete with the young groom. He uses all of his facilities in order to win the conflict. The resistence of Arash's family eventually leads to their victory.

زندگی یک راننده تاکسی (احد) در گرو تصمیم مردی متمول به نام «نادر» است و به همین خاطر ازدواج دختر او «غزال» با «آرش» به خطر می افتد. «نادر» درصدد رقابت با داماد جوان برمی آید و کشمکش آغاز می شود. «نادر» از همه امکانات خود استفاده می کند. پایداری و مقاومت خانواده «آرش»، عاقبت به پیروزی آن ها می انجامد.