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Arvand - Arvand - اروند

Arvand - Arvand - اروند

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Greek, Italian and +20 more languages

Arvand - Arvand - اروند

A group of close friends fighting for their country during Iran-Iraq war were all martyred, except for one who has not been in peace for 30 years as his friends’ bodies remained unfound. Yet, he has promised their families that he will find them and goes on a trip, looking for their bodies.

یونس جانباز اعصاب و روان، حالا بیست و هفت سال پس از پایان جنگ هنوز هم با خاطره هم رزمانش روزگار می گذراند. همراه شدن او با یک گروه تفحص اما اتفاقات تازه ای را در این جریان سیال ذهن وارد می کند.