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Apparition - Ashbah - اشباح

Apparition - Ashbah - اشباح

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Apparition - Ashbah - اشباح

A drunken, boorish general tyrannises his wife and his maid. When the wife discovers that the maid is pregnant with the general's child, she turns the maid out of the house. Years later, the general is dead, and a younger generation has risen with a new outlook on life and new problems to face. This flamboyantly stylised melodrama, loosely adapted from Ibsen, comes from one of the legendary figures of the Iranian New Wave.

تیمسار سلیمانی و همسرش در روابط خود به بن‌بست می‌رسند، تلاش‌های وکیل خانواده برای بهبود اوضاع زندگی آنها بی‌نتیجه می‌ماند. سال‌ها بعد گناهان تیمسار گریبان مازیار (پسر جوانش) را می‌گیرد و مسیر عشق و زندگی او را دشوار می‌سازد. تیمسار سلیمانی به خدمتکار خانه‌اش (ملیکا شریفی نیا) تجاوز می‌کند و او را حامله می‌کند و…

The story is about the life of General Soleymani who is involved with some hard issues in his life and begins to have some odd problems with his wife. Sara during her hard and tumultuous life with General is thinking about freeing herself from life, and has never faced a choice between her heart and mind. Daeebaba, the family’s lawyer, is trying to calm the situation and on the other side, Memar has created a hard situation for himself and for Lady Taji and his daughter. Maziyar brings new drama after returning to Iran and the members of the family look for quiet places of their life like wandering ghosts.