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Another Day - Yek rouze digar - یک روز دیگر


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Another Day - Yek rouze digar - یک روز دیگر

Another Day - Yek rouze digar - یک روز دیگر

A missing envelope of money going from hand to hand links the lives of several people of various backgrounds and origins, all living in Paris.

Some money is lost. In Paris, from morning to night, the money goes through the hands of many people, who are from various races, nations, and religions. As the money is getting from one person to another, the story line of the movie is formed.

پولي ناخواسته گم مي‌شود و در يك صبح تا شب در شهر پاريس به دست آدم‌هايي مي‌رسد كه از نژاد و مليت‌هاي و مذاهب گوناگوند كه مسير جابه جايي پول خط قصه فيلم را تشكيل مي‌دهد ...


iran proud