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Anderanic - Andranik - آندرانیک


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Anderanic - Andranik - آندرانیک

Anderanic - Andranik - آندرانیک

An officer who need to catch Andranic, an Armenian poet, goes to the house of a priest and to his church.He believes that the priest sheltered the poem. But the priest has a new game. Something between his religion and Andranice live.

In the spring of 1950 in Urmia, an Armenian priest is hosting a police sergeant in his home. The sergeant is looking for a young poet called Andranik who has allegedly crossed the border last night, and should be arrested. The sergeant believes that the priest must be aware of Andranik's location who is also an Armenian. but the priest has a different behavior.

بهار سال 1328، ارومیه، یک کشیش ارمنی در خانه‌اش، میزبان یک سروان اداره نظیمه است. سروان در جستجوی شاعری جوان به نام آندرانیک است که گویا شب گذشته از مرز وارد کشور شده و باید دستگیر شود. سروان معتقد است حتماً کشیش به دلیل هم کیش بودن باید از محل آندرانیک با خبر باشد. حال آن که کشیش رفتاری متفاوت دارد.


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