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Anahita - Anaahita - آناهیتا

Anahita - Anaahita - آناهیتا

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Anahita - Anaahita - آناهیتا

Khorshid is a young, aspiring scientist in Tehran. Working together with her best friend Mehrnaz, she hopes to prove that human consciousness and positive energies can affect the molecular structure of water, a theory she believes could help her comatose friend Fahmieh. Everything is going fine until the people around her start dying in mysterious circumstances. Fearing for her life, and ignoring the warnings of others, Khorshid must race to complete her experiments and uncover the truth behind these deaths in this thrilling and creative mystery.

A group of students find new facts while studying the water molecules .

داستان تعدادي دانشجوست كه هنگام تحقيق روي مولكول هاي آب به حقايق تازه اي دست پيدا مي كنند.