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An Attack On H3 - Hamleh be H3 - حمله به اچ۳

An Attack On H3 - Hamleh be H3 - حمله به اچ۳

An Attack On H3 - Hamleh be H3 - حمله به اچ۳
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During the Iran-Iraq war, the Iraqi Air Force decides to protect its assets by hiding its fleet in three deserted bases near the borders of Jordan. When the Iranian military receive this intelligence, a top-secret and perilous plan is formulated. A heroic fighter pilot offers to oversee a vital part of the plan himself. As Iranian soldiers begin to be relocated for their mission, they remain in the dark until a few begin to suspect that something of great consequence is about to take place. Based on a true story.

فیلم حمله به اچ 3 به کارگردانی شهریار بحرانی داستان حمله نیروی هوایی ایران به پایگاه اچ 3 عراق در نزدیکی مرز اردن است که از ترس ایران هواپیماهای خود را به این پایگاه منتقل کرده است ....


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