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Along the City - Dar Emtedade Shahr - در امتداد شهر

Along the City - Dar Emtedade Shahr - در امتداد شهر

Along the City - Dar Emtedade Shahr - در امتداد شهر

A tension building thriller at every turn, Dar Emtedad Shahr opens with the begins of a jewelry store robbery, and then goes back in time to explore the events leading up to it. In doing so, the major players are introduced: the pair of robbers themselves, the jewelry storeowner, his ill wife and doctor mistress and a disenfranchised celebrity. When the robbery goes wrong and the jewelry storeowner is shot, all stories begin to collide as a hostage situation escalates. Who exactly will survive? And what will be left of those who do?

Synopsis by IMVBox

Because of financial issues and providing for their marriage, Hamed and Shirin plan to rob a jewelry store. The owner of the store is Ali Farmanian who fired Hamed, accused him of theft and did not give him his last paycheck. Hamed goes to a store that sells birds to buy a gun from its owner. He promises the seller not to give his name to the police but the police come to the shop and Hamed and Shirin run away. Farmanian has a relationship with a nurse called Fariba without his wife’s knowledge, but the birth of his first child after fifteen years of waiting has caused him to think about ending this relationship. On the other side, Mohammadreza Golzar who is a popular actor is trying to sign a contract with foreign companies and play in foreign movies, with the help of his manager Reza Rashidpoor. When Sean Penn travels to Iran, these two set up a meeting with him. But Golzar’s real issue is divorcing his wife whom he loves deeply and is not willing to divorce. Therefore, he plans to meet her at a coffee shop so that they can have their last words. Farzad Hassani, on the other hand, is an anchorman that because of saying an intimate word on the air is blacklisted and is now fighting with the authorities to open his way again. These three get to the mall where the jewelry shop is located. Hamed takes Golzar hostage because of the police’s arrival, and Hassani, after hearing the news, goes to the mall to cover the news of this incident. Ali who was injured while on a phone call with his pregnant wife is dying. But Golzar is able to make the thieves to surrender with kindness, He also manages to change his wife’s mind about the divorce during a phone conversation. In the end, Hamed is shot because of not paying attention to police’s warnings while talking to Shirin…