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Stranger - Biganeh - بیگانه

Stranger - Biganeh - بیگانه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Stranger - Biganeh - بیگانه

A free adaptation of "Streetcar Named Desire". A trouble-minded woman enters her sister's family and causes problems.

اقتباسی از نمایشنامه «اتوبوسی به نام هوس» نوشته تنسی ویلیامز
نسرین معلم نقاشی یک آموزشگاه آزاداست که به خانه خواهر ناتنی اش به بهانه دیدن می آید. اما آنجا برای چند روزی ماندگار می شود. اوکه در انتظار دیدن شوهر خواهرش است و

The story is about a young couple (Amir Jafari and Mahnaz Afshar) who await the birth of their child. The arrival of the wife’s stepsister (Pantea Bahram) creates some problems for them. The wife is sick and distracted; she has a mysterious past and has left her child after a divorce during her youth. The husband does not want his wife’s sister in his home. His best friend is after the wife, but in the end, the wife lies to him and leaves the house.