The Last Blood - Akharin khoon - آخرین خون


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The Last Blood - Akharin khoon - آخرین خون

The Last Blood - Akharin khoon - آخرین خون

Two brothers Salman and Saleh have a feud with each other. For ending this enmity their children Esmaeil and Rabe'eh are getting married with each other. But on their wedding night the biggest son of Saleh and his friends come and kill some people and injure Salman the groom's father. This brings some bloody consequences for both families.

In order to make the relation between the two tribes stronger, Salman and Saleh decide to provide for a marriage between Salman's son (Esmaeil) and Saleh's daughter (Rabe'e). But this marriage is a beginning for some new conflicts in Saleh's tribe. Saleh's sons Annan and Ghader try to get their share from their father's wealth by threatening him. This disturbance results in the demise of their tribe.

سلمان و وصالح، برای تحکیم روابط دوستی و مودت دو طایفه تصمیم میگیرند تا پسر سلمان (اسماعیل) و دختر صالح (رابعه) را به ازدواج هم در آورند. امّا این ازدواج آغاز یک سلسله کشمکش در طایفه صالح است. پسران صالح ، عنان وقادر با ایجاد رعب و خشونت، سعی در تحصیل حقوق خود از میراث پدر دارند. نتیجه این آشفتگی به زوال یک طایفه منتهی می شود.


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