Africa - Afrigha - آفريقا

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Africa - Afrigha - آفريقا

Africa - Afrigha - آفريقا

Three young hoods, eager to make a quick buck, find themselves saddled with Shirin, the sister of a drug smuggler from their criminal organisation. As they puzzle over how to handle their hostage, the three must confront their personal demons. Bumbling Shahram finds himself caught between the volatile Kasra and recovering addict Shahab, who Kasra blames for his brother’s paralysis. Meanwhile, Shahab begins to develop feelings for Shirin. A successful combination of action-packed adrenaline and intense drama.

Three young men who are drawn to felony out of need and negligence, get caught up in a pinch and decide to do a joint mission. Meanwhile, a girl walks into their lives, making their destinies take a turn.

سه مرد جوان كه از سر اجبار و غفلت به بزهكاري كشيده شده اند، در تنگنايي گرفتار مي شوند و تصميم به انجام مأموريتي مشترك مي گيرند. در اين ميان دختري وارد زندگي شان شده و سرنوشت شان را دستخوش تغيير مي كند.