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Across the River - Aan Souye Roodkhane - آنسوی رودخانه

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Across the River - Aan Souye Roodkhane - آنسوی رودخانه

Across the River - Aan Souye Roodkhane - آنسوی رودخانه

A soldier fighting in the Iran-Iraq War awakens after an intense period of fighting. Finding himself the only one left alive in the aftermath, he must attempt to make contact with the rest of the army, but an enemy sniper watches his every move from across the battlefield. Scavenging the ammunition he needs, the survivor is able to capture his opposite number, but with no food or water, the men have no choice but to trek across the desert together, encountering along the way a mysterious cameraman with no memory of where he came from. As the journey takes them to some extraordinary places, the former enemies begin to realise they have more in common than they first thought, and through the eyes of the amnesiac cameraman, we are presented with a touching, humanistic view of war and conflict.

Through a reporter’s lens, the film tells the story of an Iranian soldier and an Iraqi one. The two had survived a severe battle and are getting through the difficult path between the life and the death. The reporter’s camera is the only witness of this adventure; two sides of which are two people from two different nations, Once these two nations had common interests, but now they are confronting each other due to Saddam Hussein’s adventures. The camera, looking for a forgotten truth, finally records two soldiers’ new attitudes and understandings of each other.

این داستانی است از دریچه دوربین یک خبرنگار از احوالات دو سرباز ایرانی و عراقی که از کارزاری سخت جان به در برده اند و راه دشوار بین مرگ و زندگی را طی می کنند. دوربین فیلمبرداری خبرنگار تنها شاهد سفری است که دو سویش، دو انسان از دو ملت ایران و عراق هستند که علایق مشترکی از دیرباز با هم داشته اند و حالا به دلیل ماجراجویی های «صدام حسین» روبروی هم صف آرایی کرده اند، دوربین که در جستجوی یافتن حقیقتی فراموش شده است، سرانجام، فهم و درک تازه آن دو را نسبت به هم ثبت می کند...