Acrid - Gass - گس


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Acrid - Gass - گس

Acrid - Gass - گس

Soheila and Jalal are middle-aged couple who are on the verge of separation because of Jalal’s behaviour.

اپيزود اول، ماجراي خيانت دكتري 55 ساله به زنش را روايت مي‌كند. در اپيزود دوم، مردي حدوداً سي و چند ساله به زنش خيانت مي‌كند و در اپيزود سوم، دختر و پسر جواني را مي‌بينيم كه پسر در خلال يك اردوي دانشجويي، به دوست دخترش خيانت مي‌كند!

Episode one tells the story of a fifty years old doctor who betrays his wife. In the second episode, a man who is thirty years old betrays his wife, and in the third episode we see a young girl and boy that the boy cheats on his girlfriend during a university camp.


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