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Abadanis - Abadaniha - آبادانی ها

Abadanis - Abadaniha - آبادانی ها

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German and +20 more languages

Abadanis - Abadaniha - آبادانی ها

A powerful examination of life during Iran's horrific war with Iraq. Shot in black and white, this film clearly derives inspiration from Vittorio de Sica's Bicycle Thieves and examines the war through the eyes of Bora, a young boy who fled to Tehran with his family. When his father's car is stolen, the family is robbed of its only source of income. As his father takes Bora along in his desperate search for the missing vehicle, we glimpse the despair faced by low income families in times of war. Deeply atmospheric and moving.

The car of a war refugee who is now living in Tehran is stolen. He, with the help of his son, begins a desperate search for finding his stolen car. Meanwhile, he meets a man who can help him find his car due to his profession. Within , his son Borna is after his missing eyeglasses, and this simultaneous search brings up some adventures.

اتومبیل یک مهاجر جنگی آبادانی مقیم تهران به سرقت برده میشود. او همراه با پسرش جستجویی نومیدکننده را برای یافتن تنها دارائیاش آغاز می کند. در نیمه راه با مردی آشنا می شود که به اقتضای حرفه اش می تواند او را در ردیابی اتومبیلی مسروقه کمک کند. طی این جستجو، «برنا» پسر مرد نیز در پی یافتن عینک گمشده اش است. جستجوی همزمان پدر و پسر مسائلی را ایجاد میکند...