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Aal - Al - آل

Aal - Al - آل

Against his will, Sina, a young engineer, who suffers from sleep disorders and fears from an ancient demon called Aal in his nightmares, is assigned by his boss to go on a mission to their Armenia branch. Ignoring his boss direct order, he takes his pregnant wife with him. Soon, their happy days turn into a horrible nightmare. Sina feels the presence of Aal, who is the taker of pregnant women and their newborns. Strange events are about to happen. Biography by IMVBox.com

فیلم ترسناک آل داستان مهندس جوانی است که از طرف هیأت مدیره شرکت محل کارش، همراه زن باردار خود عازم یک مأموریت کاری در ایروان ارمنستان می شود. به تدریج روزهای خوب این زوج، جای خود را به روزهای تیره می دهد. و نشان می دهد که حوادثی در راه است....