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Love Story - Hekayate Asheghi - حکایت عاشقی

Love Story - Hekayate Asheghi - حکایت عاشقی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Love Story - Hekayate Asheghi - حکایت عاشقی

During the war between Iraq and Iran, Saddam Hussein's forces attacked Halabja, a city in Iraqi Kurdistan, with bombs, artillery fire and chemical weapons, in particular nerve gas. Some 5000 people are estimated to have died in the attack. An Iranian war photographer is the first man to enter the city following the massacre. There he meets a woman and a tale of love begins…

The story is about a war photographer who is the first person to enter Halabcheh after the chemical bombing and takes photos. This photographer meets a woman during his journey who has lost the boy she was supposed to marry and is now in shock. Ali shows his love for her and gets her to be hopeful toward the future and they marry each other. Now, they have a good life in Iran. Meanwhile, Chiman realizes that her former lover was not killed in the bombing at all and is still alive and has returned. Chiman decides to divorce Ali in order to free herself from guilt, but does not return to her former lover and instead chooses to live alone till Ali comes after her again after fifteen years.