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A Romantic Robbery - Yek Dozdie Asheghaneh - یک دزدی عاشقانه

A Romantic Robbery - Yek Dozdie Asheghaneh - یک دزدی عاشقانه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

A Romantic Robbery - Yek Dozdie Asheghaneh - یک دزدی عاشقانه
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Kamal and Jamal grew up together, thieved together and got caught together. After several years of following this pattern they’re released from prison and meet their accomplice Essi. To their surprise, Essi has invested their share from the last robbery on a film which she has starred in. Unfortunately the film was a complete failure, but the two are offered the parts of extras in the various scenes, giving the three of them a flawless cover to plan a huge heist.

Synopsis by imvbox

فیلم یک دزدی عاشقانه در مورد دو دزد پیر کهنه کار است که پس از سال ها از زندان آزاد می شوند. به امید دریافت سهمشان از آخرین دزدی به سراغ زنی که همکارشان بوده می روند، اما زن پول ها را برای بازی در یک فیلم هزینه کرده و پیرمردها دوباره مجبور به دزدی می شوند، در حالی که شرایط و دنیا در سال هایی که آنها در زندان بوده اند، تغییر کردهو ...

The story of two old thieves who are released from prison after many years and go after a woman who was their partner to get their share of money from their last robbery. But the woman has spent all the money on acting in a film and the old men are forced to start stealing against their wishes. They began their theft while the situation has changed and the electronic equipment are obstacles to their success.


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