A Place to Live - Jayi Baraye Zendegi - جایی برای زندگی


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A Place to Live - Jayi Baraye Zendegi - جایی برای زندگی

A Place to Live - Jayi Baraye Zendegi - جایی برای زندگی


Eydi Mohammad and his big family live in a vast and prolific farm near the border of Iraq and Ilam.With the begenning of the war begins, his family faces various challenges. They are forced to leave the farm for a much safer destination. Also the sons-in-law of Eydi Mohammad who are originally from Iraq, decide to leave Iran and return to their country. Eydi Mohammad is not capable of doing anything to stop them, but there is a problem. Eydi Mohammad’s grandchildren, Ra’na and Hamed, were supposed to marry each other, but now that Ra’na’s father is taking her to Iraq they can no longer be with each other. Ra’na’s father believes his daughter should marry in Iraq but Ra’na promises Hamed that she will meet him again someday. They also promise each other that if something happens to them, they will put a note in the pocket of the scarecrow in the farm. While passing the border, the sons-in-law stay in Iran’s border guard station for a while. Ra’na takes the opportunity and tries to run away but gets caught by her father. Later Hamed feels worried about Ra’na so he travels back to the farm but gets captured by the Iraqi forces. After Eydi Mohammad sees how distressed Hamed’s mother is, he decides to go and search for him, but upon arriving at his farm, he realizes that it has been turned into a military base for the enemy and he also gets captured by them. The sons-in-law of Eydi Mohammad get into a fight with the Iraqi border guards. Ra’na’s father gets wounded and the other one dies. Ra’na runs away once again to reach the farm but she does not succeed. Later the Iranian forces free Eydi Mohammad and his farm from the enemy and he decides to stay in his farm. When Hamed searches the pockets of the scarecrow, he only finds his own note there; Ra’na never came back.


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