A Party in Hell - Shab Neshini dar Jahannam - شب‌ نشینی در جهنم‎‎


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A Party in Hell - Shab Neshini dar Jahannam - شب‌ نشینی در جهنم‎‎

A Party in Hell - Shab Neshini dar Jahannam - شب‌ نشینی در جهنم‎‎

Haji Jabbar is a rich and terribly stingy man. His daughter, Parvin, is in love with her cousin, but he is against their marriage because the boy is penniless and Haji wants to marry his daughter to a rich merchant. Haji has an assistant named Ahmad who continuously gives him grief and advises him to change his ways. One night, when Haji is badly ill, he sees Azrael (the angel of death) in his dream. Azrael is eager to take his life. Haji and Ahmad pass through limbo and reach hell. He is terrified when he sees Napoleon, Hitler, and Genghis Khan in hell. When he wakes from his dream, he decides to change his lifestyle and be kind to his family.

Haji Jabbar a rich man, but very scrooge, does not agree for marriage of his daughter, Parvin, and her cousin, Haji decides to get her married to an old wealthy man, only to gain some more profit, He is equally blind to his son as well, for which the latter is in the brink of a disaster. After a while, Haji gets sick; and one night sees a nightmare of himself ending up in hell. Being transformed, he decides to divide his wealth among the family, and set a share for building hospital and school. He dies shortly afterwards.

"حاجی جبار" مرد پولداری است که به دلیل خست فراوان مورد سرزنش خانواده است. حاجی برای به دست آوردن پول بیشتر قصد دارد دخترش "پروین" را به پیرمردی پولدار شوهر دهد و هیج توجهی به علاقه ی بین پروین و پسر عمویش ندارد. چنانکه اهمیتی برای پسرش "حمید " که براثر بی توجهی در سراشیبی سقوط قرار گرفته قائل نیست . در همین احوال حاجی سلامتیش را از دست می دهد و یک شب درخواب خود را د ر جهنم می بیند و وقتی بیدار می شود ، به خود آمده ثروتش را بین فامیل تقسیم کرده و قسمتی از آن را برای احداث بیمارستان و مدرسه اختصاص می دهد و سپس می میرد .