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A Moment of Innocence - Noon o Goldoon - نون و گلدون

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A Moment of Innocence - Noon o Goldoon - نون و گلدون

A Moment of Innocence - Noon o Goldoon - نون و گلدون

In Tehran, a former policeman in his forties gets in contact with the Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, reminding the filmmaker that he had promised him a part in his next movie. Makhmalbaf will prepare his own restaging as well, so that both stories could be woven into a dramatization, which Makhmalbaf and his crew would shoot. What results is an exercise in perspective and layered dramatic parody: each of the protagonists will have a small film crew and re-create the event as he saw it.

After twenty years, a director runs into a policeman, whom he knows from a Guerrilla operation. During that operation, they had opposed and hurt each other… When they were both young, one of them was an irregular soldier and the other was serving the regime as a policeman, so they had met and entered into a fight. Now, after so many years, they, the two middle-aged men, meet again in a cinema scene. They are supposed to recreate that incident in front of the camera,,,

یک کارگردان سینما پس از بیست سال با پاسبانی روبرو می شود، که قبلاً همدیگر را در یک عملیات چریکی زخمی کرده اند...
این دو در جوانی، یکی به عنوان چریک و دیگری در کسوت پاسبان رو در روی هم ایستاده بودند و حالا، سال ها بعد، در میان سالی، این بار در صحنه سینما با یکدیگر برخورد می کنند، و این دو، آن حادثه را در برابر دوربین بازسازی می کنند...


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