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A Meeting in Istanbul - Didar dar Estanbol - دیدار در استانبول


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A Meeting in Istanbul - Didar dar Estanbol - دیدار در استانبول

A Meeting in Istanbul - Didar dar Estanbol - دیدار در استانبول

Ali, who has emigrated to Istanbul in spite of his family's will, is not willing to returnn to Iran although he's aware of the problems with which his wife and child have recently faced. Therefore Zohre goes to Turkey to find him. She finds out that his husband has done many delinquences and is being pursued by the police. Ali decides to commit suicide, but the intervention of his wife prevents him to do so.

Javad Roostaei who is a medical student goes to his hometown for vacation to visit his relatives. His return interfere with the enemies' attack to his hometown village and occupying it. The adolescent prefers to stand against the enemies rather than continuing his studies and starts to fight among other inhabitants.

جواد روستایی که دانشجوی رشته ی پزشکی است، در تعطیلات برای دیدار فامیل به زادگاهش باز میگردد، بازگشت او مقارن حمله ی نیروی دشمن به روستا و اشغال آن است. جوان رویاروئی با دشمن را به ادامه ی تحصیل ترجیح داده و با اهالی به مقابله با خصم می پردازد.


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