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A Boat To The Beach - Balami Be Sooye Sahel - بلمی به سوی ساحل

A Boat To The Beach - Balami Be Sooye Sahel - بلمی به سوی ساحل

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

A Boat To The Beach - Balami Be Sooye Sahel - بلمی به سوی ساحل

A gripping war drama that centers on one group of heroic soldier's exploits in an attempt to save Khorramshahr from collapse. This task is far from straightforward, and the battalion is plagued with interference from the Iraqi side. Led by the intrepid Morteza, Mohammad, Abdollah, and the rest of the group do their best to make their way to Khorramshahr, only to discover that all the roads have been blocked by the enemy. The battalion's only option is to cross the Persian Gulf by boat. A clever combination of harrowing drama and action, 'A Boat to the Beach' is a tale of self-sacrifice in times of war.

دشمن از زمین و هوا به خرمشهر هجوم آورده و این شهر با نیروی معدود کسانی که مانده اند مقاومت میکند. مرتضی " به اتفاق گردانش از تهران عازم خرمشهر می شود. مرتضی در اهواز به سرهنگ فرمانده نظامی از مراجعه و از وی درخواست یک هلیکوپتر می کند او که بتواند نیروهای دراختیارش را وارد "خرمشهر" کند اما نماینده " بنی صدر" فرمانده وقت کل قوا مخالفت می کند. اما مرتضی و گردانش با یک یدک کش راهی خرمشهر می شوند ... در بین راه هواپیمایی ظاهر شده و به طرفشان راکتی پرتاب می کند ، آنها نیز هواپیما را به رگبار آتش سلاح های خود بسته و سرانجام آنرا سرنگون میکنند. سرانجام مرتضی باتفاق چند تن وارد منطقه جنگی شده و با تحمل خطرات بسیار موفق تهيه کروکی موقعیت دشمن گشته و از طریق کارون خود را به نیروهای خودی می رسانند .

Khorramshahr is heavily under attack and the city is resisting with a few forces that are left. Morteza and his battalion are dispatched to Khorramshahr from Tehran. Morteza goes to the military head in Ahvaz and asks him for a helicopter to take the soldiers under his command to the city, but Banisadr, the commander-in-chief at that time, objects. Morteza and his battalion depart for Khorramshahr in a tow car anyway... on the road, an airplane appears and shoots a missile towards them. They shoot at the plane and the plane fall down. Morteza gets to the frontline with some others. They go through great danger and make a map of enemy's positioning. They go back to Iranian forces through Karun river.