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Seven Minutes to Fall - Haft Daghighe ta Paeez - هفت دقیقه تا پاییز

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Seven Minutes to Fall - Haft Daghighe ta Paeez - هفت دقیقه تا پاییز

Seven Minutes to Fall - Haft Daghighe ta Paeez - هفت دقیقه تا پاییز

Domestic drama charting the course of a self-effacing Iranian couple as their ordered lives begin to fracture under the strain of work commitments, money troubles and the responsibility of family. Mitra and Nima are struggling to make ends meet, their relationship in desperate need of rekindling. But when Mitra's sister Maryam shows up on their doorstep, on the run from her estranged husband, their lives are tipped over the edge by the ensuing scandal. As Mitra and Nima reflect on their own lives and take sides against one another, events will come to a head as the weight of disloyalty begins to unravel a once perfect relationship.

مردی با خانواده اش برای سفر کاری همسرش به شمال می روند و در راه تصادف می کنند و دخترش سارا براثر تصادف فوت می کند... مریم می خواهد از فرهاد طلاق بگیرد ...

The conjugal life of Maryam and Farhad is going to break up. Mitra, Maryam's sister, tries to help them. Mitra, Maryam and Nima (Mitra's husband) go on a trip and many accidents occur during the journey which make all the things unpredictable.

زندگي مريم و فرهاد در آستانه فروپاشي است. ميترا خواهر بزرگ تر مريم، براي کمک به اين زندگي تلاش مي کند. ميترا، مريم و نيما (شوهر ميترا) عازم سفر مي شوند و اتفاق هايي در طول سفر رخ مي دهد که همه چيز را برخلاف پيش بيني ها مي سازد ...