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360 Degrees - 360 Darajeh - ۳۶۰ درجه

360 Degrees - 360 Darajeh - ۳۶۰ درجه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

360 Degrees - 360 Darajeh - ۳۶۰ درجه

After a drug bust; Javid, a young man, finds his wife missing and himself behind bars. After he is released from prison, Mahtab (his now to be ex-wife), calls him out of nowhere, and asks for his help. Javid, who still loves Mahtab, starts his search to investigate the reason of his ex-wife disappearance. Javid pushes his way into the underworld of a crime ring to find Nazem, a drug king-pin who is responsible for everything that has happened to Javid and Mahtab.

فیلم 360درجه با بازی میلاد کی مرام ، پریناز ایزدیار . امیر آقایی داستان پسر جوانی در آستانه ازدواج است که با همسرش درگیر یک ماجرای مواد مخدری می شود و به زندان می رود. آزاد شدن وی از زندان پس از سه سال آغاز کننده اتفاقات جدیدی است که پای پلیس و مافیای مواد مخدر را به میان می آورد ....

The secret of the world is what is known and not hidden.