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316 - 316 - ۳۱۶

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316 - 316 - ۳۱۶

316 - 316 - ۳۱۶

An old lady narrates the story of her life mostly through the shoes of the people she remembers and the events of her country. She gives us the reasons why a story can be told through shoes, so well that you don't need to see their faces but you can imagine them.

فیلم 316 ساخته ی پیمان حقانی که در آن پاهای شخصیت‎های روایت‎گر داستان فیلم است یک زن خاطرات زندگی و کشورش را از پیش از تولد تا لحظه مرگ روایت می کند. این فیلم اولین نمونه در نوع خودش است، . فیلمی با داستان هایی خنده دار، ناراحت کننده و عجیب

The movie depicts no charachters, but only their feet:
A woman recollects her memories of life and living in her country, from before her birth to the last moments of her life. The story of this 63 years of life is shown mostly through the charachter's shoes and feet. A story full of incidents that include, among others, the 1979 revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. In a movie where none of its characters are seen and it’s the only one of its kind, we are faced with some scenes from war, revolution, hope, life and death. You are invited to a movie that you must imagine the face of all of its characters; a movie with funny, sad and odd stories.


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