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21 Days Later - 21 Rooz Bad - بیست و یک روز بعد

21 Days Later - 21 Rooz Bad - بیست و یک روز بعد

21 Days Later - 21 Rooz Bad - بیست و یک روز بعد
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Morteza, a teenager passionate about film, is trying to achieve his dreams. Life, as always, makes things very complicated. He has to face the challenges bravely. The first feature from director Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan, 21 Days Later is a different and powerful piece of story-telling.

فیلم تحسین شده 21 روز بعد در جشنواره فجر داستان پسری است که علاقه دارد فیلمساز شود ولی مادرش مبتلا به سرطان و داروهای او بسیار گران است و پسر تلاش میکند پول داروها را جور کند و در این راه به مشکلات زیادی می افتد....

It is always the same! The last time the sky was cloudy. There was the wind. It was pulling the tree out of the ground. It rained so much that the city was flooded. The birds were screaming around their home. One of the kids swears that he saw the light of the sun became dim and then bright again…!


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