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2001 Inventor - Mokhtare 2001 - مخترع ۲۰۰۱


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2001 Inventor - Mokhtare 2001 - مخترع ۲۰۰۱

2001 Inventor - Mokhtare 2001 - مخترع ۲۰۰۱

Hadi is a teen inventor who is expelled from his school by a teacher because his abilities are not truly understood. Due to the same reason, he has also problems with his father at home, until one day he flies his model aircraft over the school and attracts the principal's attention who tries to get him back in school to nurture his talents. Hadi refuses as he is completing a missile. When he fails to complete his invention, he finds out that he needs training, so goes back to school and starts to make a new missile which ends up successfully.


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